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Big Panda一直致力搜羅各地時尚服飾、水鞋雨具、背包手袋等產品。


時尚背包手袋 - Anello、Legato Largo

水鞋品牌 - Milady、L-Rain、Chu Chu's、Joycorn

日用品及精品 - Antenna Shop、GMZ、Merry Between、BISQUE

旅行用品 - Wanderskye


​電話: 2763 6337  電郵:


Big Panda has been dedicated to collect products of fashion items, rain items and bags from worldwide brands.

We are now cooperating with the following brands as their agent in Hong Kong. 

Fashion -- Anello, Legato Largo

Rain boots -- Milady, L-Rain, Chu Chu's, Joycorn

Gift items -- Antenna Shop, gmz, Merry Between, BISQUE

Travel items -- Wanderskye

For wholesales business in Hong Kong, please feel free to contact us!

​Tel: 2763 6337 Email:

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