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From year 2009, Big Panda Ltd become the general distributor of “Antenna Shop”and “muse, FRANC” in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Antennashop is terminology of Marketing word, catching up the newly trend and delivering it to customers. The design concept of Antennashop is “love myself”! Design of longing for freedom and pursuance in our daily life As if in delicate fragrance, Antennashop design emotional touch rather than visual outlook, looking for new lifestyle and freshness.



muse,FRANC conceives the concept of French emotional touch in lovely and chic in outdoor and in-house life. Inspite of your trial to show up your own style, it is not easy to express in rainy day not just because everyone lose their interest or passion in expression, but all your elements you carry, like umbrella, hide your beauty. muse, Franc help you create your own style in this occasion and keep you dream of Romance. The products are or will be designed and developed towards our functional usefulness and our dream fulfill.

‧Mrs. Jin, AeLee | Chief Designer (CEO/Founder)

Graduated from the top design Univ` in Korea, she and her co-founder(Mrs. Park) looked for what customer wanted in their daily life. And they found out that even a small thing could make a big difference and satisfaction. 
As a founder, she has been dedicated designing personal accessories in Antennashop, which are needed in our daily and trendy lifestyle. All the idealistic items have been first introduced and created in the market by her, being combined with customers` potential needs and wishes. 
Not only as a head of company, she is endeavoring after customers` happiness even at this very moment.


‧Mrs. Park, JungYun | Chief Designer (CEO/Co-Founder)

As a friend of Mrs. Jin from the same University, Mrs. Park had caught up the vision of design creativeness in stationery and lifestyle gift articles business.
In Antennashop, she has had a special attention on creating emotional fulfillment from leathers and luxurious goods. Enjoying of 11 : 00 a.m tea time break, she always try to find relaxation and happiness near by our life.
As a co-founder, she is also spending her passion in order to hear customers appreciation from Antennashop design


‧Ms Kim, RianKyung | Design Team Leader muse,FRANC / Umbrella + Photographer

Antennashop designer, and In charge of Muse, franc brand manager.
Tough and professional character, but really like cute and lovely products.
All the brilliant image creation is from her profession, and now she is working at the first low of design development.


‧Ms. Lim, Hyunjung | Designer Team Assistant Manager and illustrator

All the cute and lovely hand drawing and characters are created by her. She really enjoy of coffee, and always beside her, there is coffee-like image. Character is outstanding from a group. Always trying a new look and trend by her own. But it is an good inspiration to whole of company crew.

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