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Simmondsia Chinensis-萃取自荷荷芭豆,呈金黃色。它不是真正的油質,而是一種金黃色的液態蠟,不易氧化,有良好的耐熱穩定性,具有不易腐臭的特質。它含有豐富維生素D及蛋白質,是良好的滋潤及保濕油,可以維護皮膚水份,預防皺紋以及軟化皮膚,適合成熟及老化皮膚,常用於臉部、身體按摩及頭髮用品。

Calendula Oil-止痛,殺菌,消炎,處理皮膚問題。
Essential Oil (Lavandin)-抗敏消炎,暗瘡,發炎紅腫,促進細胞再生。



Simmondsia Chinensis(Gloden Jojoba Oil),Calendula Oil,Shea Butter,German Blue Chamomile,orage Oil,Avocado Virgin Oil,Sea Buckthorn Oil,St.John's Wort Oil,Lavandin EO


The soft cream which can ease stains and scar.
Suitable for sensitive skin.
It stimulates epidermal cell, prevents dryness, restores and keeps up the elasticity of skin.

Main Ingredients:
Golden Jojoba Oil-Extracted from jojoba bean, with a golden color. It is not a kind of oil, but it is a golden liquid wax, which is hard to oxidize and decompose. It is rich in vitamin D and protein, which is a kind of good moisturizer. It can repair the skin moisture, prevent wrinkles and soften the skin. It is suitable for mature and aging skin. It can be used on face, body and hair products.
Wheatgerm Oil-Wheatgerm Oil has the characteristic of anti radical, it helps slowing down the aging of skin, moisturizing the skin.It is suitable for dry and aging skin with wrinkles.
Dry Calendula-Relieving pain, reducing inflammation, handle any skin problems
Essential Oil (German Blue Chamomile Essential Oil,Lavender)-Eliminating sensitivity and inflammation of skin(such as acne and redness), activate the cell renewing process

The product does not contain any medical ingredients, so it is safe to use few times a day. Yet, it should be applied on skin with a thin layer for it to be absorbed.

The product has a signature smell and golden color, please be careful when using it. It may color the clothes.

If you are sensitive to any ingredients in this product, please consult a doctor first.

Store the product in a cool place.If irritation is severe, and consult a doctor immediately.


平凡媽媽 天然不含藥性特效保濕 媽媽金膏 Organic Golden Cream (1.01oz)

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